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It all began innocently, and it was a climbing shop with climbing equipment and materials. Member of the California Sokol Club and climbing enthusiast Yvon Chouinard drove to Scotland in 1970 and bought rugby jersey for climbing purposes. He brought a few jerseys to the US but immediately sold them out. So he ordered more tricks from New Zealand and Argentina, and that started a little madness.

Since Chouinard was selling more and more clothes, it was time to change strategy and start producing his own clothes and selling them under his brand. The choice fell on the name of Patagonia - a name that smells like a distance, a place that was not on the map at that time. Gradually he began to dive into a whole new world and explore clothing for other outdoor activities and sports. Today's philosophy of the Patagonia brand lies in the search for and development of environmentally friendly materials, such as industrial cannabis. Product processing is also in line with recycling principles. If a customer no longer uses his or her clothing, he can return it and re-process the product to individual fibers. Patagonia is also registered under the "Blue Sign" system, which guarantees product safety as well as the use of resource-friendly production methods and the environment. During its forty years of existence, it has brought a number of innovations into the world of outdoors, a different way of thinking, and a new community of people who are not one where, how and with what difficulty the environment in which we live, the products arise.








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    Patagonia - Wavefarer Bucket Hat
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    Patagonia - Friction Belt
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