Luggage Freitag Violet, Pink

It has been some time since 1993, when two brothers and designers Daniel and Markus Freitag decided to breathe new life into old truck tarpaulins and turn them into stylish backpacks and accessories. During that time, the Zurich-based company's offer has grown to more than 80 unique products. In 2014 the company’s long effort to find the right material came to an end. The result of this was the F-ABRIC. All materials used for the creation of the material are produced on European soil within a radius of 2500 km from Zurich and are 100% naturally decomposable.

Everything under the baton of the Freitag brothers takes place in accordance with the circular economy, within which they have come so far that they have demolished the classic hierarchical structure in the company. Instead, they established an innovative holacracy - a sophisticated organizational system based on freedom of work, self-responsibility and self-management. Exactly in the spirit of their motto "We think and act in cycles."

The innovative concept of ​​recycling old tarpaulins has proved to be the perfect idea on how to up-cycle unwanted material and rework it into attractive and extremely durable component. All tarpaulins are collected in the Noerd industrial complex in Zurich, where they are cleaned and cut into the required shapes. The next step, on the way to a unique product, is washing of the used tarps. It is thanks to this step that the tarps get their distinctive vintage feel. During this process, they try to make use of their trapped rainwater to avoid wastage. After washing, the tarps must be dried, wrapped and sent away for another step of the process, which is design. Here, each piece is processed one by one and with the use of unique templates, individual parts of the future bags and backpacks are cut out. And once everything as it should, the only step left is the final assembly, at the end of which are our and your favourite backpacks, bags, waistcoats and wallets.








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    Freitag - F301 Moss
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