Men's Puma (Beige)

A traditional manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing that gained its name by quality, design and great collaboration. Label Puma is an exception in street water. Unlike other brands that are just "teenagers", Puma is "a great grandfather." Brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik footwear company in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1924.

The first big success that made the Dassler Brothers come to light was the victory of Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals with Dassler shoes on his feet. In 1948, brothers divide their family business into Adidas and Pum. This is how two giants have been born who have struggled since then for the favor of their customers. The Puma brand continues the success of its previous family business. In 1952 he created soccer shoes that quickly gain popularity among football players from all over Western Europe. In 1954, Heinz Fütterer broke the world record for 100 meters in Puma shoes. Pelé is elected in 1962 as the best player in the World Cup. He plays Puma shoes. The 1972 Olympics winners in Munich also use Puma shoes. In 1977, Guillermo Vilas won the French Open, the US Open and the Australian Open, winning all of these tennis victories at the Puma Shoes. In the 80's Puma and Martina Navratilova are playing tennis. 1986 and another great footballer who wore Puma-Maradona shoes. In 1998, Serena Williams started collaborating with Puma. In 2008, Usain Bolt is broken into a puma record for a 100 meter run. For many years, the Puma has reached its utmost unimaginable dimensions. By having the financial means, he can sponsor athletes and events and promote his sport through his promotion. It took nearly 90 years since the founding of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, but some things remain the same - quality and customer satisfaction first. Puma in Freshlabels: In Freshlabels you will find the best pieces (boots and not only ones) from Puma. Personal experience will best show that Puma has long been not just a sports shoe.


  • Discount -50 %
    Puma - Suede Classic Blanket Stitch
    Now 1 140 Kč
    2 290 Kč
    Sizes in stock
    41 42 42,5 44 45 46
  • Discount -10 %
    Puma - Roma Ader Error
    Now 2 600 Kč
    2 890 Kč
    Sizes in stock
    42 42,5 43 44 45
  • Discount -20 %
    Puma - CGR Ader Error
    Now 2 550 Kč
    3 190 Kč
    Sizes in stock
    43 44
  • Discount -60 %
    Puma - Naturel Clyde
    Now 1 200 Kč
    2 999 Kč
    Sizes in stock
    41 42 45
  • Discount -40 %
    Puma - Ader Error RS-X
    Now 2 330 Kč
    3 890 Kč
    Sizes in stock
  • Discount -50 %
    Puma - Ader Error RS-100
    Now 2 500 Kč
    4 990 Kč
    Sizes in stock
  • Discount -50 %
    Puma - Han Kjobenhavn Trailfox Disc
    Now 2 500 Kč
    4 990 Kč
    Sizes in stock

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