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The initial idea was born in the head of David Samuelsson in remembrance of his grandfather. By calling chimneys, which often worked roughly, but when it was a wardrobe, he could be very elegant and careful. He did not have a lot of clothes, but he knew how to look after him. The story of the life we ​​have enjoyed and which we have all experienced - our grandparents were able to care for their clothes.

In today's fast-paced consumer world, where cheap, mass-produced clothing is prevalent, we have unknowingly mounted a train in which it is easier to get new ones than to care for the old. Tradition and customs, however, the godfather slowly returns back to the old tracks, and the quality of materials, including passion for craftsmanship, now catches a second breath. With this in mind, the need to care for your clothes is hand in hand, and that is why the Swedish company Tangent GC, which offers an excellent range of clothes care products, was created in 2012. The products do not come from the chemical industry, they are not made in strips, they contain pure natural ingredients, essential oils and effectively provide the clothes with a long service life. Organic quality that you can spill into water with calm conscience without polluting it with chemicals.



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